Photo by Ian Burt

A home for sharing stories on how the pandemic is affecting you.

This is a community for anyone who is longing to share and connect to the real human stories behind the global covid-19 pandemic.

We are facing a time of enormous loss and struggle. It is also an unprecedented time for the cultivation of empathy, compassion, and solidarity worldwide.

When I was going through my own personal loss side by side with the pandemic, I found it lonely. I found myself longing for a hug or a walk around the lake with a friend. I longed for more than just updates over social media or texts. I longed for 1st-person stories of how others were experiencing this moment that I couldn’t easily find in the deluge of news.

I’m sharing my story because I want you to know that if you are grieving or struggling too, you are not alone. I hope you share your story here too. Whether it’s a story of pain, strength, struggle, community spirit, darkness or light, it is welcome here.

Stories can teach us. Stories can heal us. Stories connect us.